Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mobile Casino | Android Casino: Mobile Casinos for Mobile Slots

Mobile Casino | Android Casino: Mobile Casinos for Mobile Slots: If mobile phones were not invented, convenience and entertainment wouldn’t be put together so easily. We could still be busy informing e...

Mobile Casinos for Mobile Slots

If mobile phones were not invented, convenience and entertainment wouldn’t be put together so easily. We could still be busy informing everyone about a meeting or booking for a flight seat to get to a casino and play slots.

You read it right, you can play casino games right from your mobile phone. Just make sure it is connected to the Internet. The steps on mobile gambling, from finding the right casino site to signing up and starting playing, are exactly the same as those on desktop computers. The only difference is that with mobile gaming, you don’t have to rush back home to get to your computer when you feel like you want to play your favorite casino game.

If you want a try, All Slots Mobile Australia is highly recommended. All Slots is actually a reputable online casino that had expanded to taking the mobile gaming industry. It is most known for its remarkable slots games.  Though, it still offers other casino games like poker, blackjack, keno and crap. But if you want a fresh and easy start, slots would be a one great choice. All you need are three buttons. One is for changing the bet size, second is for the number of lines to bet and the third as a spin button.

Why All Slots Mobile Australia is one of the best to play slots? The primary reason is that mobile slots machines are not so popular in the United States that there’s no online casino (US-based) that would take the risk of investing on mobile slots. Another thing, Australians are very fond of the game, which they often call pokies. All Slots Mobile Australia also has many more options when it comes to playing the game on mobile.

The devices developed for mobile casinos are iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Samsung among others. You will not run out of games once you’re tired of slots because there are 20 mobile games so far developed. Amazingly, of these games, half are slot machines and half are table and parlor such as roulette and keno.

You don’t even have to worry about losing big money on your first game. Mobile casino offer games that are for mere fun. And in order to increase the popularity of mobile games, special bonuses are given for players who sign up and play from their mobile phones. These bonuses are a great ticket to practicing them and increase your chances of winning.

Everything sounds great. They really are. But just a reminder: precaution would still save your butt from feeling sorry and from going down the bankruptcy lane. Choose the site well. And never forget to watch over and manage your bankroll once you have decided to play for real money.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Android Casino Games

There is a wide variety of Android casino games available for keeping people entertained 24/7/365. AllSlots mobile casino offers the most popular games for the Android in traditional and modern genres - like Slots, Blackjack and Roulette. Android cell phones offer a great gaming experience with superior graphics and sound so customers will never be bored again.

Variety of Slots Games

All Slots mobile casino has numerous slots games to choose from. "Major Millions" is a progressive slots game where players can bet different amounts and watch the three reels spin. After placing a maximum bet, the player can win a progressive jackpot when three wild Major Millions logos line up together. "Mega Moolah" is another progressive slots game with high-intensity, African wildlife backgrounds. Players can watch the top prize grow before their eyes and imagine how they will spend the money.

Other Android Casino Slots Games

For those who like video slots, they can play "Thunderstruck Slots," featuring Thor, the Viking God of Thunder. This is a five-reel, nine-payline slots game with wild, scatter and free spins. For fans of Lara Croft, All Slots mobile casino offers "Tomb Raider," with five reels and fifteen paylines. Players can celebrate their good fortune by playing the Tomb bonus game. Females might prefer "Mermaids Millions" in a water-based, five-reel, fifteen-payline slots game. When the Treasure Chest appears, it is time for the bonus game.

Popular Casino Games

Players can see how close they can get to 21 without going over by betting on the All Slots version of Blackjack. Color-coded tokens represent different betting amounts. This is a great way for beginners to gain experience on how to play Blackjack. All Slots offers the European Roulette version, which has a single zero pocket. Players bet on red/black, odd/even or numbers. There are several betting combinations with different price levels. Watching the ball spin around the wheel, customers will get excited waiting for the ball to land in their chosen slot. "Jacks or Better" is a video poker game on All Slots casino mobile. This five-card draw game allows players to calculate the odds for creating the best hands.

Easy-to-Play Modern Games

Horse-racing fans can consider the horse, jockey and track to determine who they should wager on to win the "Royal Derby" Android casino game. Winners only need to place in the top two to receive their payday. Anyone can play "Bingo Bonanza" - where players are randomly given six balls out of 10,000. Players win when they match any two of them. The "Dragons Fortune" challenges players to match two out of six Chinese characters. The payout can be quite high in this popular All Slots game.